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The 7 great lies of network marketing book was written by Ann Sieg. In her book Sean Elliott Spurs Jersey , she details out the various misconceptions prevalent in the mlm network marketing industry. The network marketing industry has indeed helped many people become tremendously successful. Many families have benefitted from the additional income generated through network marketing. Though it sounds really good to hear that, we must take a look at the entire picture.

This industry faces a huge failure rate. The failure rate is significantly higher as compared to other industries. The actual cause for it is lack of marketing skills. Lack of marketing knowledge results in a lot of problems for many people. Creating a sound network marketing organisation needs real skills. Network marketers who have little to no selling or marketing skills struggle to get a proper response when they talk to their close ones. It’s sad that when these people go and ask their upline leaders what they should be doing, all they get to hear is “continue with the same work, it will pay off in the end”. Success never comes to those who keep doing an ineffective act on a repeated basis. That is exactly what is happening here. Once people realize that all they are doing is wasting their time, they call it quits.

The 7 great lies of network marketing book addresses a lot of problems faced by network marketers. Ann Sieg does one hell of a job by presenting her information in an entertaining way. I agree that a lot of people who have the “get rich quick” mentality join the network marketing industry and quit the moment they realize that there is work involved. However on the other hand, there are people who are ready to do the necessary hard work to succeed in this industry. But unfortunately, these people are misguided. When these people notice that they do not have anything to show for their efforts with no light at the end of the tunnel, they simply quit.

The main problem with this industry is that things are made too simple in order to achieve duplication. Trainings can be simple but not to the extent of being too simple to be of any use to anyone. Many network marketers hear statements like “we are not selling, we are simply sharing”, “everyone is your prospect”, etc on a daily basis. Ann Sieg in her 7 great lies of network marketing book, says that these kind of statements are just wild misconceptions that do more harm in the long run.

Let’s analyze this statement “we are not selling, we are simply sharing”. Honestly speaking, how can anyone run a business without actually selling a product or service. Statements like the one above are merely used to make people feel secure. A false perception is what is created in this case.

Let me tell you a fact: this business involves selling and there is no question about that. If it did involve just sharing, then many should have been successful in network marketing. But it doesn’t work that way. Sales skills are required to succeed in network marketing and many fail in this industry due to lack of sales skills.

The 7 great lies of network marketing book exposes a lot of bad network marketing practices like the one mentioned above. Grab a copy to learn more about this.

Read this 7 great lies network marketing ann sieg article for more information about the 7 great lies book.

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